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Placing Orders:
Orders may be placed via fax or e-mail or phone. We do however, require a hardcopy 
for all purchase made on account. We have learned hard copy orders protect you as well as us,
and eliminate errors.  Your order receipt will be confirmed by fax or e-mail.  
Please sign all purchase orders clearly. If you have questions, call us.
When Opening an account please allow 1-5 days depending on how quickly credit 
information is received.

Payment is to be made by Company Check or  Credit Card.
Open account purchases are subject to the terms and conditions of 
Open account status.

All materials are shipped F.O.B. shipping point (the customer pays the freight).  Specify a freight
carrier and we are happy to ship it collect with your freight discount applying.  Prepaid and Add or
 Third party shipping is by our choice of selected carrierers, best and cheapest routing, with a nominal handling charge.  We encourage shipping via your carrier, collect, to take advantage of any 
company freight discounts.

Freight Claims:
It is the customers responsibility to inspect all incoming freight.  Verify quantities, and look for concealed
damage by opening cartons.  Do this before signing for the shipment.  A large percentage of claims are denied because shipments were not inspected properly at the time of receipt.  If a claim is necessary it is the 
customers responsibility to fill out freight claim forms and submit forms to the freight line. We are happy to 
assist in whatever way possible.

For cash purposes check or credit card are accepted. Purchases on account are subject to prior 
credit approval.  Net 10 days.

All Applicable taxes are to be added. Purchases from  residents of:
             Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and Mississippi are subject to state sales tax
             but may also may be subject to State, County and any municipality taxes. We are licensed to
collect only these states, please file your taxes with local, and state authorities.

Occasionally an item is ordered and needed to be returned.  If this becomes necessary,
please call to confirm 
1 - it is returnable
2 - if there is a restocking charge
3 - an RGA number.
*Most items can be returned with a 20% or less restock fee. In the event a product is 
  returned, it must be 

1 - prepaid freight
    2 - returned in new condition with original packaging.

  3 - Returned with an RGA number or it will not be accepted.
Some items may not be returnable, so please check with us if you find you can not use an ordered
item.  Our policy is to work with the customer to resolve these problems quickly.  We realize
an unhappy customer is one not likely to order again. It is in everyone's best interest to handle promptly.

Warranties vary with the different product lines. If a warranty statement is desired,
we are happy to provide that information.

Unpaid Balances:
All unpaid balances are subject to 1 1/2% interest, not to exceed 18% annually.
Any expenses related to the collection of unpaid balances are the responsibility of the customer,
including but not limited to reasonable attorney's fees, liens, and filings.

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