Quantum Giant Stack Containers
This economical high density bin storage system includes Quantum's heavy duty giant stack bins with open hopper front for easy access. Optional clear windows maximize capacity, prevent spillage and convert the bin to a true tote. Optional dividers keep contents organized.

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Giant Stack Containers
Quantum's QGH 700 is designed for multiple applications in recycling, storing parts, tools and warehouse items. 
The bin will stack up to 6 bins high creating sturdy, tall storage systems.



Outside Dimensions in Inches

Model No. L" W" H"


Stack Load Capacity per Bin

Price per 

QGH-600 17-1/2 10-7/8 12-1/2 4 100 lbs 11.45
QGH-700 15-1/4 19-7/8 12-7/16 3 100 lbs 14.70
QGH-800 17-1/2 16-1/2 12-1/2 2 100 lbs 14.60
WGH-600 Clear Window 4   14.45/ctn
WGH-700 Clear Window 3   14.60/ctn
WGH-800 Clear Window 2   9.05/ctn
LGH-700 Label 3   1.25/ctn

Please Note Color Options:
QGH-700 available in red, gray, blue, ivory, red and black.
QGH-600 and QGH-800 available in gray, blue and red.

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