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Find a variety of Specialty Storage Cabinets for your requirements in 4 different configurations

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Quantum Storage Cabinets make easy work of storage requirements, securing valuable inventory,
 and parts under lock and key. Protect your products under lock and key from theft or shrinkage.

Specialty Cabinets allow a variety of storage options for each cabinet,
safe and secure behind lock and key.
Available bin colors:  Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Ivory, and black.

Sloped Shelf
Pick Rack Flow Cabinet
Size: 36W x 18D x 78H.
Flush Door Model.
Ship wt. 202 lbs.
Eight sloped shelves and one flat shelf hold
Total of 72 bins.

Price Each.....$ 1,759.95

Wire Mesh Safe-View Bin Cabinet
Size: 36W x 18D x 78H.
Total of 18 bins.
Mesh Door Model.
Ship wt. 288 lbs.
Louvered back wall fits (18) QUS 250. 

Please specify color.

Price Each.....$ 1,856.20

Interlocking Drawer Storage Cabinet
48W x 24D x 78H.
Total of 128 bins and (15) Interlocking Drawer Cabinets. Ship wt. 507 lbs. Louvered door fits (128) - QUS 210 bins Shelves hold 15 Interlocking Cabinet Units.
Interlocking Drawers available in Gray only. 

Price Each.....$2,427.85

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